About us

We are a group of funding experts and your gateway to secure public or private financing across industries and countries.

Innovation Manager values



We have 12+ years experience in raising public and private funding for small and medium enterprises, research organisations and non-profits, both in Finland and abroad

Group 319


We have written 800+ approved Business Finland, ELY-Keskus, Finnpartnership applications (Success rate ~ 90 %) and 50+ approved EU applications (Success rate ~ 60 %).

Group 321


We implement a success fee only policy (Finnish funding and private investments) and a mix of success fee and admin fee (EU funding).

Our story

Innovation Manager was founded in 2010 initially to help companies to acquire public funding in Finland. During years it
has grown to offer wide services in EU funding, multiple public fundings in Finland and private investments.

Our mission is to help companies and other organizations to grow and prosper through new innovations.

Team of experts

We are a group of public and private funding professionals, passionate about scaling innovations.

Jerri Laine
Henrik Lähdesniemi
Funding Advisor
Piritta Lampila
Funding Advisor
Roger Pineda
Funding Advisor
Marco Torregrossa
Funding Advisor
Anna Engström
Funding Advisor
Riikka Markkula
Funding Advisor
Elina Tuuli
Funding Advisor
Ville Tirroniemi
Funding Advisor