ArtXperience (#Artists #Platform) Seeking €125k Investments

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At a Glance

ArtXperience Ltd is a technology company that developed Lingonperry, an all-in-one platform that connects artists, fans and music industry players in an augmented reality game. Lingonperry platform enables millions of musicians to focus on making and performing music. Record companies save on talent scouting by tracking Lingonperry’s listening data, which is free from manipulation. The venues get direct contact and a recruitment channel with the artists.

Traction and Ask

With an initial investment of €20k and a pre-money valuation of €1M, ArtXperience is seeking €125k in pre-seed funding to:

  • Reach the MVP stage of Lingonperry platform (released in August 2023), 5k customers and €100k+ turnover by Q4 2023
  • Hire two additional people to the team
  • Start operations in the entire Nordic market

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Markt, Business Model, Financials and Team

Within a global DIY music market valued at €1.45b (2021) (+29.6% CARG/Year), ArtXperience was founded in 2022 in Lohja (Finland). In October 2022, the prototype of the Lingonperry platform was released. Lingonperry’s revenue streams consist of three business models:

  1. Monthly subscriber fees (B2C), income from platform users
  2. Transactions, contract stores and commercial partners (B2B), where income comes from artists, record companies, media companies and commercial partners
  3. Digital trade, such as tickets and fan products (B2C), revenue from platform users

Revenue growth is planned to reach €100M by Q4 2026. Lingonperry’s core team of 10 people has 200+ years of experience in the music and event industry, ICT and marketing.

Competitive Advantage

Lingonperry’s competitive advantage is our way of connecting all parties in the industry to the same platform, which eventually includes all the products of the music industry.

Other platforms don’t offer all of this: Playfulness, Live stream, Live events, Personal contacts and services, Direct contacts with players in the music industry, Career development service for artists, Music distribution, Music player, User Centric Royalty.

Round Details

ArtXperience’s key personnel invested €20k of their own money and collected €45k from Finnish business angels to develop the product prototype and implement the next published version. Once this round is secured, Lingonperry will be able to launch the product in the Nordic countries in January 2024.

This pre-seed round is scheduled to end on May 1, 2023. The smallest possible investment is €10k.

The founder, CEO Petri Mäkiharju and the other founders will be at your disposal in the coming weeks to provide any additional information.

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