ArtXperience Ltd (#Artists #Platform) Seeking €125k Investments

With €25k (20%) investments already committed and a €1M pre-money valuation, ArtXperience is looking to raise a total of €125k pre-seed funding from Nordic investors to:

  1. Continue developing its Lingonperry platform from prototype (launch September 2022) to MVP (launch January 2023)
  2. Reach 10k customers and €300k+ revenues by Q4 2023
  3. Strengthen the team with 2 new hires and start Nordic sales

Lingonperry is a platform which connects artists, fans and labels in a mixed reality game. Fans get rewarded for teaming up with and for supporting their favorite artists. Lingonperry enables millions of small artists to focus on making and performing music. Labels can pick up new and emerging artists from Lingonperry platform.

In a DIY recorded music entertainment market worth €1,45 Billion (2021) (+29,6% CARG/Year), ArtXperience was founded in 2022 in Lohja, Finland and later this year, the POC of Lingonperry was created. Lingonperry is monetized by:

  1. Subscriptions (B2C) from fans 
  2. Transactions & Ad Monetization (B2B) from artists, labels, commercial partners and media companies
  3. Digital sales, like tickets and merchandise, (B2C) from fans

Revenue growth is projected to reach €100M+ by 2026. Lingonperry team of 6 combines 100+ years of commercial, IT, ICT, music and technology expertise. 

Their USP is that they are the only one platform that contains: Gamification, Live streaming, Live events, Personal connections, Career development, Music distribution, and a Music player.

ArtXperience has already invested €20k of its own capital and raised €25k in private capital from Finnish business angels to develop its prototype and plan its MVP, which means that after this investment round is secured, Lingonperry is fully ready for product launch and Nordic commercial uptake in January 2023.

Read more in their pitch deck and at: 

We aim to close this pre-seed round by 31.10.2022. Minimum ticket size is €5k.

Get in touch with Marco Torregrossa to find out more.