Aufort Seeking €500k Investments (€395k Committed)


Aufort is a fintech company, which has developed the first eCommerce based tokenized gold platform in the world to help people to send money (backed by physical gold) in the EMEA region within seconds and without any fees.

Traction and Ask

With ca €85k estimated net revenues in 2023 (+112,80% YoY) and 7k customers in Estonia and Kenya, Aufort is now looking to raise €500k pre-seed funding. The investment is needed to:

  1. Enter and scale in the Kenyan market and get the necessary traction before the next seed / pre-series A funding round.
  2. Reach to 30k customers and €250k (cumulative from today to the next 6 months) net revenues by June 2024.
  3. Expand the team with 2 new hires: 1 Country Manager (Kenya) and 1 Customer Support Specialist (Kenya).

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Market, Business Model, Financials and Team

Founded in 2021 in Tallinn, Estonia, Aufort is poised to capture a significant share of the global gold market worth €11 trillion euros (+120.29% CAGR/Year).

Aufort is monetizing mainly through an eCommerce business model charging B2C (regular people) and B2B (companies) customers monthly recurring gold storage fees (depending on the amount of gold) + buy/sell transaction fees. Revenue growth is projected at 120.29% YoY (breakeven in Q2 2024), reaching €1.7M ARR by Q4 2024.

Aufort team of 8 (2 full-time co-founders, 1 full-time employee, 5 part-time employees, and many others on a project basis) combines 80+ years of fintech, blockchain, IT-development, sales & marketing, and management expertise.

Competitive Advantage

Aufort sets itself apart from indirect (web3) competitors such as PAX Gold, Tether Gold, and Kinesis. Aufort is the first tokenized gold company in the world that is running on eCommerce, where gold can be sent to anyone with just an email, and without any fees (incl. blockchain gas fees).

Round Details

At a €5M pre-money valuation, Aufort aims to close this pre-seed round by October 31, 2023. The minimum investment ticket size is €5k.

Aufort has previously raised €595k in private capital (equity) from 187 angel investors to develop its MVP and validate the product market fit, which means that, after this investment round is secured, Aufort is fully ready for international commercial uptake and ready to get the necessary traction for the next pre-series A funding round in 6-12 months. Aufort is seeking to exit in 5 years at a target valuation of at least €200M (40x return of investment).

Get in Touch

Bert-Ken Raudberg, founder & CEO of Aufort, and the other co-founders are speaking with potential investors over the next few weeks and are keen to pitch, demo and open up their KPIs and financial plans in detail.

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