Mindtemp Seeking €200k Investments (€10k Already Committed)

At a Glance Mindtemp AB is a digital coach that prevents harmful stress and creates effective organizations through psychological safety.    Traction and Ask With €10k net annual revenue expected in 2023 and 20 companies which participated in R&D, Mindtemp is now looking to raise €200k pre-seed funding. The ideal investor would have expertise in SaaS […]

Lola&Lykke Seeking €500K Investments

At a Glance Lola&Lykke Oy is an award-winning women’s health company reshaping reproductive healthcare for mothers. Lola&Lykke offers a comprehensive solution that seamlessly combines physical products designed to the unique needs of women with cutting-edge technology.  Traction and Ask With €914k net revenues in 2022 (20% sales growth YoY), a 100K engaged customers’ community, and […]

Oode Seeking €350k Investments (€50k Already Committed)

At a Glance Oode Limited UK is a fintech company, which has developed an online payment infrastructure to help service providers promote, sell and manage their time. Traction and Ask We’ve already accumulated €100k worth of sales and 2800+ customers, such as coaches, consultants, and designers, while still being in pre-revenue mode. This gives us […]

Currynomics Labs Seeking €250k Investment

At a Glance Currynomics Labs OÜ introduces Redcurry: a real estate backed digital currency easy to use and as accessible as BTC, but grounded in real-world assets. Ever wondered where to securely store your savings in an unpredictable world? Redcurry is designed for both the banked and unbanked, it’s our answer to the challenges of […]

Innovation Manager Helped EURORDIS-Rare Diseases Europe Raise Funding from EU4 Health Programme

EURORDIS-Rare Diseases Europe has received a funding boost from the EU4 Health Programme to implement the EUCAPA: European Capacity Building for Patients project. EUCAPA is designed to train patients and their representatives in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) – the multidisciplinary and systematic process that evaluates the added value of a health technology in comparison to […]

Asumma Seeking €1.5M Investments (€500k already soft committed)

At a Glance Asumma is a technology company that has developed a software platform that connects homebuyers and developers to low-carbon suppliers and trade partners, thus making residential construction scalable and carbon-negative.  Traction and Ask With €8M in construction volume since launch in 2021, €220k net annual revenue in 2022 and 17 leads with €35M […]

Forus Seeking €6M Investments (€1M Already Committed)

At a Glance Forus International OÜ is a community-driven service platform, which has developed an all-embracing assistant app to help its users find and compare multiple services in the transportation and courier sectors. Traction and Ask With €4,4M net revenues in 2022, €480k avg net monthly revenues and 200k customers in Q1 2023 (+11% MoM), […]

Perfect Cellar Seeking €600k Investments (€300k Already Committed)

At a Glance Perfect Cellar is an online wine retailer with a platform to deliver the best at-home wine experience for discerning wine consumers using emerging technology as an enabler. Traction and Ask With €1.8M+ lifetime net revenues and 3,000+ active customers, Perfect Cellar generates 65%+ revenue from repeat purchases with an annual average revenue […]

WiseClean Seeking €500K Investments (€30K Already Committed)

At a Glance WiseClean OÜ has developed a convenient, on-demand home cleaning platform to help  busy young professionals in maintaining a clean living environment. Traction and Ask With €10,500 net monthly revenues and 147 monthly cleanings in June 2023, WiseClean is now looking to raise €500K pre-seed funding. The ideal investor would have expertise in […]

NO-CV Seeking €150k Investments

“The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.” – Steve JobsNO-CV: So let’s make those “lengths” shorter! At a Glance NO-CV is a HR-tech company that developed an AI-driven recruitment ecosystem to help businesses streamline their hiring processes for low qualification positions […]