BCaster (#SaaS) Seeking €600K (€240k already committed) Investments (5% ROI)

BCaster (#SaaS) Seeking €600K (€240k already committed) Investments (5% ROI)

With its unique ability to turn people into media producers and brand ambassadors, BCaster is looking to raise €600k seed funding from Nordic investors to validate its BCaster Platform, sign up 10 more customers in 2022, strengthen the team and kick start international sales. 

BCaster is an AI powered platform that enables the collection and monetization of user generated videos and photos responsibly. BCaster’s clients include the likes of Skoda, Atos, Nokia Arena, Orkla, MTV News and Veikkaus.

BCaster operates in a user-generated content and platform market worth $3,58 Billion (+26,6% CARG/Year). The company was founded in 2016 in Savonlinna, Finland. BCaster is monetizing mainly through usage base fees and subscription fees charged to Brand Marketing Managers and Media Producers. Revenue growth is projected at 3X YoY, reaching €26M by 2026. BCaster team of 6 combines 70+ years of software, commercial, audiovisuals, and telecommunications expertise. 

BCaster has already raised €4.6M private capital and €2M in loans to develop its BCaster Platform (MVP), which means that, after this investment round is secured, BCaster is fully ready for commercial uptake.

Read more in their pitch deck and website.

We aim to close this seed round by 30 May 2022, with some minority investors (existing owners and 2 business angels from Finland) already committed to join with €240k. €20k is the minimum investment ticket size.

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