Monthly of Sweden Seeking €404k Investments (€162k Committed)

At a Glance Monthly of Sweden is the number one menstrual cup company in Sweden, which has now developed an incontinence device and period panties to help women with every drop to get their freedom back. Traction and Ask With €36k net revenues in 2022, 25% increase in sales compared to 2022, 210k+ customers and […]

Zero Waste Movement Seeking €200K Investments

At a Glance Zero Waste Movement (ZWM) is a Swedish brand for sustainable phone and tech accessories to help replace conventional plastic alternatives. It targets the new generation of Gen Z and Millennials demanding green solutions to mitigate climate change and environmental challenges. Traction and Ask With €300K net revenues in the last 12 months, […]

Business Angels Fundraising Quiz

Is your startup ready for private investments? Fill out Innovation Manager Business Angels Fundraising Quiz to see how prepared your startup is for raising funding. The quiz provides a quantitative score of how business angels, and other early-stage investors will value your startups based on the team, product, business model, value proposition, exit potential and […]

Wrapice (#Gaming) Seeking €250k Investments (25% ROI)

Wrapice is a gaming company, which has developed Icebreaker Snow, an entertaining gaming series to raise environmental awareness of the melting Arctic. Wrapice games are available on Google Play and App Store. With €40k net revenues in 2022 and a €1M pre-money valuation, Wrapice is looking to raise €250k pre-seed funding and gain valuable gaming […]

ConexBird (#Logistics #AI) Seeking €90k Investments (€60k Already Committed)

ConexBird Ltd has developed a patented AI-based measurement solution to help cargo owners solve a €30B problem and save 6M tonnes of CO2. ConexBird’s clients include container terminals like DP World Dubai and ongoing projects for cargo forwarders like Kuehne & Nagel and DHL which are in the offering phase. With a €1M pre-money valuation, […]

Innovation Manager Helped SIEA Raise Funding from Erasmus+

The Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA) has received a funding boost from the EU Erasmus+ Alliance for Innovation program to implement the Industry 4.0 Upskilling for SMEs (I4U) project. The I4U project aims to support the digital transition and Industry 4.0 skills upgrade for SMEs employees in labour intensive sectors such as engineering, mechanical, […]

Tips and Tricks to Raise Private Investments from Late Stage VCs

Fourth post of a series with all you need to know about private investors for startups and small businesses. “How should I fund my startup business?” “How much funding do I need?” “What’s the best source for funding?” The short, unsatisfying answer is: “it depends”. Every startup is different, and so is the optimal funding […]

Innovation Manager Helped ENEA Raise Horizon Europe Funding

Agenzia Nazionale per le nuove tecnologie, l’energia e lo sviluppo economico sostenibile (ENEA) is the Italian state research center for technology, energy research and environmental research. Innovation Manager successfully helped ENEA to secure a grant from the EU Horizon Europe program and implement the REPRODIVAC project: next-generation vaccines and diagnostics to prevent livestock reproductive diseases of worldwide impact. Find […]

 Digifaas (Hairdressers Platform) Seeking €175,900 Investments (18% ROI)

DigiFaas is a Digi-Physical Platform and Booking System for Hairdresser Salons to Increase Service Quality.  With a €1M pre-money valuation, DigiFaas is looking to raise €175,900 pre-seed funding and gain SaaS expertise from Nordic investors to: Validate its platform technology and move to fully marketable product; Reach 69 hairdresser salon customers and €38k revenues by […]