Finnpartnership funds Logonet’s project in Ethiopia

Innovation Manager has successfully helped Logonet Oy to apply for Business Partnership Support from Finnpartnership to a project where Logonet’s birth and baby aid kit concept is modified to local contexts of Ethiopia.


The concept consists of the birth and baby aid kits and the processes to be added to local healthcare system via the birth and baby aid kits. The kits are modified for local context and the included processes are instructed to healthcare personnel.

User Needs and Benefits

The concept not only helps organizing Ethiopian health care system and developing their processes, but it also helps pregnant women to commit for the care and systematic follow-ups, when they get afterwards the appealing baby aid kit.

Project Goals and Results

The modification of the kit for Ethiopia is done in co-operation with local partners, such as UNICEF and other local NGOs and UN organizations.

The goal is to get the birth and baby aid kit included into each local governments’ own health programs focusing on women and children.

The results will simply save lives when more mothers are giving birth in more sanitary conditions after being regularly monitored and advised during pregnancy.

Key Figures

  • Total grant is 98 573 €.
  • The project schedule is 2019-2020.
  • Pilot in Ethiopia.


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Logonet’s Baby Aid Kit

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