Fontakt Seeking €500k Investments (€100k Committed)

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At a Glance

Fontakt Ltd. is B2B sales and technology company from Estonia, which has developed an AI-based mobile app to help B2B salesmen get new customers and grow sales faster worldwide.

Traction and Ask

With €1,1M net revenues and 500+ customers (e.g. Oracle, Basware, Arrow, SAP, Schneider Electric, G4S) in 2022, Fontakt is now looking to raise €500k seed funding. The ideal investor would have expertise in B2B sales in the US market. The investment is needed to:

  1. Enter the US market.
  2. Reach 5000 more customers and €5M net revenues by Q1 2024.
  3. Develop functionality and integrate the app with major CRM-s (Pipedrive, Hubspot, Salesforce).

Market, Business Model, Financials and Team

Founded in 2004 in Tallinn, Estonia, Fontakt is poised to capture a significant share of the global B2B sales market worth €30Bn (+17% CAGR/Year). 

Fontakt is monetizing mainly through SaaS charged to B2B customers of whatever size and industry. Revenue growth is projected at 2,5x YoY (breakeven in Q3.2024 year), reaching €50M by Q4 2027.

Fontakt’s team of 33 (3 full-time co-founders and 30 full-time employees) combines several decades of commercial, B2B sales and marketing expertise. 

Competitive Advantage

Competitors such as Zoominfo, Lusha, Vainu, and even LinkedIn, only provide company information and some contact emails. However, sending cold emails and in-messages does not ensure sales or meetings, as the majority (95-99%) do not reply. Fontakt stands out by being the only company that guarantees actual meetings between salespeople and target customers. 

Ordering a meeting is as easy as ordering a pizza with Fontakt’s unique methods and technology, which allow for fast scaling of the service worldwide without compromising quality.

Round Details

At a €10M pre-money valuation, Fontakt aims to close this seed round by 31 August 2023. Some minority investors have already committed to join with €100k. The minimum investment ticket size is €50k.

Fontakt has previously invested €250k of its own capital and raised €100k in private capital from its owners to develop its MVP, which means that, after this investment round is secured, Fontakt is fully ready for international commercial uptake. Fontakt is seeking to exit in 5 years at a target valuation of €50M.

Get in Touch

Siim Salme (Fontakt Managing Partner) and the other founders are speaking with potential investors over the next few weeks and are keen to pitch, demo and open up their traction and financial plans in detail. 

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