HaKa Solutions (#MedTech) Seeking €350k (20% ROI)

Copyright: HaKa Solutions 2022

With €1,7M pre-money valuation, HaKa Solutions is looking to raise €350k pre-seed funding from Nordic investors to:

  • Validate its ToivoTM technology (MVP),
  • Sign up 100 HR manager customers in Finland and North America,
  • Reach €2,8M ARR by Q1 2023.

HaKa Solutions has developed ToivoTM a MedTech metering app for occupational health professionals to assess work ability and rehabilitation needs of corporate employees. HaKa Solution’s current clients include the city of Oulu and Kempele in Finland.

Read more in their pitch deck and at: www.hakasolutions.fi

In a software and services for occupational therapy market worth €6,45B (11,6% CARG/Year), HaKa Solutions was founded in 2019 in Oulu, Finland. HaKa Solutions is monetizing mainly through B2B licensing fees charged to occupational health providers. Revenue growth is projected at 3-6X YoY, reaching €143M by 2027. HaKa Solutions team of 4 combines 59 years of commercial, occupational health and MedTech expertise. 

Key USPs versus competitors are: 1. first app for continuous self-assessment for rehabilitation, 2. recognition of custody disputes and financial problems as the source of stress and 3. quick intervention with symptoms based rehabilitation program. 

HaKa Solutions has already invested €10k themselves and raised €5k public grants to develop its MVP, which means that, after this investment round is secured, HaKa Solutions is fully ready for international commercial uptake.

We aim to close this pre-seed round by 31 December 2022 with €25k minimum investment ticket size.

Hannaleena Karhu (CEO, Founder) and Mika Myllylä (CPO) are speaking with potential investors over the next few weeks and are keen to pitch, demo and open up their traction and financial plans in detail.

Get in touch with Marco Torregrossa to find out more.