Innovation Manager Helped LignEasy Raise Funding from the EIC Accelerator Programme

LignEasy Oy has received a funding boost from the EIC Accelerator Programme to scale up its operations.

LignEasy is the first sulfuric acid-free, low-impact lignin recovery system for pulp mills. The system fits any kraft pulp mill without disrupting chemical balance or productivity.

Lignin is sold to the chemical industry as biobased feed. The LignEasy lignin product’s benefit is its high suitability for several end-product use cases as the product can be chemically modified. The product is scalable to applications in the chemical, fertilizer industry and packaging industries, and multiple more to be demonstrated.

“Working with Innovation Manager was efficient and led to a positive outcome. The application process for the EIC Acceleration was quite massive and for a small organization like ours, we could have really used their expertise and support to make a difference in a highly competitive space.”

Juho-Matti Karpale
LignEasy CEO

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