Innovation Manager Helped Raising Private Investments for Gravito

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Gravito is a technology company which has developed an ID-resolution and consent platform, that solves the issue of disappearing 3rd-party-cookies for publishers and advertisers. Read more about Gravito at 

Innovation Manager successfully helped Gravito to meet more investors to gain their goal to close their seed round and raise private investments from business angel syndicates. Gravito will use the fresh new capital injection to move to fully marketable product and speed up international sales.

”I´m impressed about Innovation Manager’s straightforward process and wide investor network.”

Jouni Mannerhovi (Gravito CEO)

Innovation Manager can help you get more investor meetings and raise the capital you need faster! Here is how we do it:

  1. We develop compelling investor material, such as pitch decks, one-pagers, financial models and demo videos. 
  1. We send out weekly investors’ marketing campaigns to selected contacts and our database of ~5000 vetted business angels, family offices and early-stage VCs in the whole Nordics and Baltic regions. 
  1. We collect investors’ feedback and arrange meetings for you. Already after 2 weeks we will send you a detailed report with recommendations and give you a list of leads. 

You will pay us only a success fee, as a percentage of all final funds secured for you – no equity nor retainer fees.

Our dealflow includes 45+ high-tech startups from Finland with a ticket size between €50k – €1.5M (Pre-Seed/Seed) or €1.5M+ (Series A). 

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