Isola Corvus (LuxuryTech) Seeking €100k Investments (25% ROI) 🛥️

With €40M worth of leads in 2022 and a €0,5M pre-money valuation, Isola Corvus Ltd. is looking to raise €100k pre-seed funding from Nordic investors to validate its marketing and sales programme for luxury yachts, sign up to two customers in 2022, strengthen the team and kick start international sales. 

Isola Corvus is a newcomer in the super yacht community but yet an instant leader in thinking green and providing a completely new level of ease into sailing.

In a total addressable market of 40-50M yachts worth €1,7B, Isola Corvus was founded in 2021 in Porvoo, Finland. Isola Corvus is monetizing mainly through 15% commission fees charged to shipyards. Revenue growth is projected at €3M yearly, reaching €6M by 2024. Isola Corvus team of 4 combines 50+ years of superyacht, commercial, and technology expertise. 

Isola Corvus has already invested €50k of owners’ capital and loan to develop its conceptual design and naval architecture, which means that, after this investment round is secured, Isola Corvus is fully ready for commercial uptake.

Read more in their pitch deck and website.

We aim to close this pre-seed round by 01/07/2022, with some minority investors already committed to join in. €5k is the minimum investment ticket size.

Get in touch with Marco Torregrossa to find out more.