Joina Seeking €213k Investments (€170k Committed)


Joina is a groundbreaking mobile app that tackles today’s sedentary lifestyle challenges, offering motivation, accountability, and social support.

Traction and Ask

With €110K net annual revenues in the last 12 months (23.8% YoY), 50K B2C customers and 1k active subscribers, Joina is now looking to raise €213k in seed funding. The ideal investor would have expertise in SaaS based B2C business models, and internationalization. The investment is needed to:

  1. Reach 2k active subscribers and €35k MRR by end of Q1 2024
  2. Move from product market adapted to scale and revenue
  3. Start testing new market – UK

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Market, Business Model, Financials and Team

Founded in 2019 in Stockholm, Joina is poised to capture a significant share of the global digital health and wellness market worth €78.9bn (+9.39% CAGR/Year). 

Joina is monetizing mainly through B2C SaaS but also offers seasonal Bootcamps for one-time payment and B2B health challenges for companies. Revenue growth (breakeven in Q3 2025) is projected to reach €10M by Q4 2027. 

Joina team of 5 (2 full-time co-founders, 2 full-time developers and 1 part-time growth advisor), with 69.4% ownership (64% after this round’s share issue) combines several years of commercial, product and data strategy, healthcare, and technology expertise. 

Competitive Advantage

Our strength lies in welcoming regular exercisers, those struggling to get started, and those who want to make healthy habits an integral part of their daily routine. Our community is filled with people who share your challenges. We build each other up, provide support, and inspiration. There are no elitist norms – just a place where everyone can thrive and grow together. This is setting us apart from other fitness and health apps in the industry who mainly focus on fitness enthusiasts.

Round Details

At a €2.5M pre-money valuation, Joina aims to close this seed round by December 31, 2023. Lead investor VC Wellstreet and some minority investors have already committed to join with €170K. The minimum investment ticket size is €10K.

Joina has previously raised €212k in private capital in 2022 from existing owners to validate the product market fit in Sweden, which means that, after this investment round is secured, Joina is ready for international uptake. Joina is seeking to exit in 5 years at a target valuation of €45M (20x return of investment).

Get in Touch

Leonie Sterner Sazesh, Co-founder and CEO, and the other founder are speaking with potential investors over the next few weeks and are keen to pitch, demo and open up their KPIs and financial plans in detail. 

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