Mikkeli offers opportunity to apply €50.000 – €100.000 venture capital for companies, which will relocate to Mikkeli

If the company is willing to relocate in Mikkeli, MikseiMikkeli Accelerator program offers support in creating Pitch Decks. After the program, the company can apply €50,000 to €100,000 in private equity. The Accelerator program selects 5 companies during the year 2023 to receive Pitch Deck support services free of charge.

If you have any questions regarding the MikseiMikkeli Accelerator program, you can contact Marjo Niittuaho-Nastolin, who is responsible for startup financing services, at 0440 361 615 or marjo.niittuaho-nastolin@mikseimikkeli.fi. Visit www.mikseimikkeli.fi for more information.

Innovation Manager collaborates with MikseiMikkeli by providing Pitch Deck services. Visit www.innovation-manager.com for more information.

The decision on equity investment is made on business-oriented grounds by Redstone Nordics Oy. If you have any inquiries related to the equity investment, you can contact Oskari Lehtonen, partner at Redstone Nordics Oy at 0400 79 44 58 or oskari.lehtonen@redstone.vc. Visit www.redstone.vc for more information.

The main criteria to be selected to the Accelerator program are:

  1. The company is located or willing to relocate in Mikkeli
  2. The company must be less than 7 years old
  3. The company should have the ambition to seek venture capital
  4. The company should have a Proof-of-Concept product or service
  5. The company’s goal should be to generate significant business

If you wish to participate in the Accelerator program, please fill out the application form by clicking the button below. For more information please contact: Jerri Laine, jerri.laine@innovation-manager.com 050 585 1858.