Nålla Raising €400k (€100k Committed) // €210k Revenues in 2023 (-30% Valuation Till March 10)


Nålla is a Finnish and Sámi company specialising in the production, distribution and marketing of hard seltzers. 

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€210k net annual revenues in 2023 in Finland among all the major grocery retail chains, Ibiza and online Spanish markets opening during 2024, with the option to open in the Netherlands.

The Ask

Nålla is now looking to raise €400k pre-seed funding. The ideal investor would have expertise in fast moving consumer goods space in the Nordic and continental European markets. The investment is needed to:

  1. Continue establishing the brand in Finland and grow in the Spanish market, and potentially enter the market in the Netherlands;
  2. Reach €600k net annual revenues by Q4 2025;
  3. Strengthen the team with new part-time hires in sales.


Hard seltzer markets have grown from a standing start in the US in 2016 to >$10Bn business in 2023 (~10% of the total soft alcohol market). Typical to consumer goods trends, Europe is following with a few years’ lag (currently $1bn market, 97% growth in 2023). Founded in 2021 in Inari, Finland, Nålla is poised to capture a significant share of this growth. 

Business Model 

Nålla sells its goods through the major grocery retail chains, independent HoReCa establishments, alcoholic beverage distributors, and Baltic ferries in Finland. In Continental Europe, online direct sales are also possible, with current presence in Europe-wide Ankorstore and Amazon Spain launch to follow by this summer. Revenue growth is projected at 50% YoY (breakeven in 2026), reaching €600k by Q1 2027.   


Nålla’s team of 10 includes one full-time founder, eight part-time founders, and one salaried Sales Director with a total ownership of 85%. The team combines decades worth of international experience in private equity, management consulting, marketing, and design from esteemed firms such as Goldman Sachs, Simon-Kucher, WPP, and Hasan & Partners. In addition, we have board members and advisors with deep experience in the FMCG space from Danone, Hartwall, and The Long Drink Company. 

Competitive Advantage

Our Lapland and Sámi brand and heritage is something that cannot be copied by established beverages companies, and our international marketing knowhow and muscle cannot be matched by newcomers in the space. This has enabled one of the most successful launches in the Finnish alcoholic beverages space in years, with a clear lead to any competitor in the social media as measured by followers and share of voice. With the attractiveness of the product and the brand already proven in the domestic market, we are ready to use the same advantages to take on continental European markets.  

  1. Incumbent large beverages brands have difficulties in organically developing successful products in new fast growing categories such as hard seltzers due to legacy brand contamination.
  2. Thus it is typical for these companies to acquire new growing brands into their distribution channels. Due to the potential to multiply sales overnight amid wider distribution, revenue multiples on these deals can be sizeable (>10x).  

Round Details *** -30% Valuation (€1M) Until 10 March 2024 ***

At a €1,5M pre-money valuation, Nålla aims to close this €400k pre-seed round by 1 May 2024. Existing angel investors have already committed to join with €100k. The minimum investment ticket size is €10k.

Nålla has previously raised €300k in private capital in 2022 from angel investors and an international VC fund Loyal.vc to establish itself in Finland. After this investment round is secured, Nålla is fully ready for international commercial uptake and will have the necessary traction for the next seed round in 2026. Nålla is seeking to exit in 3-5 years via Buyout at a target valuation of €7,5M (5x return of investment).

Get in Touch

Nilla Länsman, Founder and CEO, and the other founders are speaking with potential investors over the next few weeks and are keen to pitch, demo and open up their KPIs and financial plans in detail. 

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