Noble Glass Seeking €350k Investments (15% ROI)

Noble Glass Seeking

With 1000+ customers in 2021 and a €1,5M pre-money valuation, Noble Glass Ltd is looking to raise €350k pre-seed funding from Nordic investors to:

  1. Validate design of its SAVU Whisky Glass, and move to fully marketable product;
  2. Reach €1M revenues by Q4 2023;
  3. Strengthen the team with 3 new hires (sales);
  4. Kick-start international market outreach.

Noble Glass has developed a revolutionary glass for whiskey lovers that eliminates ethanol perception and makes aroma identification easier.

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Noble Glass was founded in 2020 in Järvenpää, Finland, and its 1st product line, SAVU Whisky Glass, is aimed at the global whisky glass market worth $3,1Billion (+3,9% CARG/Year). 

Noble Glass is monetizing mainly through online selling charged to B2B customers such as distilleries, restaurants and bars. Revenue growth is projected at 10X YoY, reaching €30M+ by 2026. Noble Glass team of 6 combines 100+ years of commercial, chemistry and manufacturing  expertise. 

Key USPs versus competitors are: better functionality, subjective experience, the only glass in the market that allows you to sense the correct aroma profile of the whisky. 

Noble Glass has already invested €60k of its own capital and raised €50k in loans to develop its MVP, which means that, after this investment round is secured, Noble Glass is fully ready for international commercial uptake.

We aim to close this pre-seed round by December 1, 2022. €20k is the minimum investment ticket size.

Jari Tuominen, CEO and the other founders are speaking with potential investors over the next few weeks and are keen to pitch, demo and open up their traction and financial plans in detail.

Discover SAVU Glass by Noble Glass Ltd.

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