Private Investment Services

Innovation Manager Finland Oy is leading a network of freelancers specialised in equity and private investments fundraising in selected European regions and the United States.

Our freelancers have diverse backgrounds in the financial services industry, a portfolio of high-level contacts with private investors and are based all over the world.

Our Service Offering:

  • Investor material preparation including pitch deck, two-pager business plan, and full business plan
  • Investor mapping and contacting investor:
    • Investors and investment events mapping (e.g. VCs, Angels, Private Equity Firms, etc.)
    • Investment material sent to investors, digital portals and investment events
    • 5 meetings organized between investors and customer
  • Finalizing private investment

Don’t waste your time chasing investors. Let us do this for you, while you focus on growing your company!

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Private Investment Services

Heikki S.

Heikki has a history of 35 years in management of companies in the fields of electronics and ICT, business strategy development and financing. In 2003-2015 Heikki was a VC Investment Director in the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. Heikki has invested in 11 enterprises with Sitra and 4 with his own funds as a member of the Finnish Business Angel Network. Heikki is presently active in the Finnish and European Business Angel Network and has worked as a board member for 18 companies.



Erik J.

Erik has a background as an entrepreneur from several different industries. He has a solid experience in working with startups in areas like finance, budget work, business modeling, and investments. He is currently working as a business developer at one of Sweden’s most prominent startup incubators. Erik also works as a business developer for a Swedish municipality and runs a startup program for companies in the area of Proptech and MAAS (mobility as a service). Erik has a wide network of investors. Particularly good contacts are found among business angels in a variety of industries. 



Florian K.

Florian has over 6 years experience working with businesses ranging from seed stage startups to Fortune500 companies across 14 countries in 4 continents and 8 industries. Primary focus has been the assessment, restructure and improvement of business models & plans, strategy and operational processes. He has worked in two startups and was a mentor and judge on a business plan assessment panel. His clients have have secured over $60m in funding.


Frederic P.

As a former entrepreneur and senior consultant at Deloitte, Frederic now co-manages an investment fund that invests equity into startups and provides digital solutions to restaurants, hotels, independent retailers and related FMCG in the FoodTech and hospitality businesses. His focus is on scalable business models with recurring revenues, B2B platforms, RetailTech and FoodTech solutions.


Kevin M.

Originally from South Africa, Kevin is an investment professional based in Berlin with experience ranging from venture capital, impact investing and sustainable finance to M&A advisory and consulting. He focuses his time on advising environmental startups with capital raising (Series-A and above), other corporate finance topics and strategic consulting.



Francisco F.

Francisco has more than 18 years international experience in  fundraising in the insurance, financial services, e-commerce and digital sectors. Francisco has extensive experience in developing business plans and identifying funding opportunities for growth and expansion into new markets on behalf of insurance and banking industry clients.


Todor V.

Todor has more than 20 years’ experience in helping startups raise funding from venture capitalists or angel investors. His focus is on helping them design robust business models, develop clear and compelling value propositions, conduct market assessments that demonstrate the problem / needs, perform benchmarking of the relevant competitors, and develop prudent go-to-market approach. He managed projects with total value of 2 billion $, from deal generation to commercial due diligence to project financing to closing, in multiple sectors and in 15+ countries in Europe, Latin America and North America.


Letitia P.

Letitia is a startup lawyer and investment advisor with 10+ years of legal and VC experience. Her expertise is in leading or co-leading fundraising activities for pre-seed, seed and Series A startups. She managed successful fundraising of rounds ranging between €300k to €2M in digital media, real estate and healthcare industries for Spanish, UK and CH ventures.



Marco T.

Marco is a mentor and coach for small businesses to raise funding and monetise their ideas. In the last 15 years he has assisted founders all across Europe to identify private funding opportunities and get guidance on securing them. As a former public affairs manager for platforms like Uber, Airbnb, and Ebay, Marco is specialised on raising early-stage investments in entrepreneurs who are building tomorrow’s marketplaces, network effects and the technologies that enable them.



Oleg E.

Oleg has vast expertise in business modelling, planning and budgeting, KPI/BSC systems, corporate finance, deal structuring, corporate and financial restructuring, analysis and financial modeling, investment analysis and business valuation, internal audit and forensic, venture capital investments, and holding governance. Previously he worked in different positions for the electric power industry in some Russian utilities, and was CFO for the leading Russian hi-tech investment company, RUSNANO. Oleg is also a mentor and investor of 10 startups in IT and industrial fields.

China (Hong Kong)

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Jon C.

Based in Honk Kong, Jon had work closely with investment teams to raise private equity and fixed income funds from various asset management companies in China, also on behalf of European customers. He has also led grant funding applications, preparation of roadshows and marketing presentations for startups both in China and South East Asia.


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Naresh T.

Naresh is a private investments consultant with experience of more than 3 decades in risk analysis, air transportation, tourism, and insurance, helping companies from Denmark, Norway and Western Europe to raise funding from corporations in India. He is associated with a number of incubators including Faster Capital, an accelerator for startups, as one of its regional partners in India since September 2016. Naresh has also executed investment promotion strategies for a State Government in India.

Australia & South-East Asia


Mark S.

Based in Melbourne Australia, Mark is a driven and passionate fundraiser with a record of success at a B2B Software-as-a-Service startup that streamlines a fund managers’ back-office work, and where he helped to raise $2.25M. His experience includes raising seed and series A capital, business strategy, developing the marketing material, developing a prospect database with the sales team, project management, and engaging key stakeholders. He is an active member of an investors organisation, an angel investor network in Australia, and a mentor at Startupbootcamp Australia.



Joaquin S.

Joaquin is an independent financial adviser, providing investment advisory services, credit and loans assistance in global markets. He has over 10 years’ experience in investment banking, and in the real estate industry, enabling startups and established companies to increase business, sales, revenues and value. He is also a broker for different financial institutions in Latin America. His skills range from pitch decks drafting, financial modelling, assets and portfolio management, raising funds, and crowdfunding. 



Iulius D.

Iulius has 20+ years experience in private and public fundraising for seed and series A stage SMEs in Central and Eastern Europe. His expertise is in design business models, develop compelling value propositions, financial modelling, preparing investment materials, circulating materials among specific investors. He is also a mentor and coach for a business accelerator in France, where he is responsible to prepare startups for the next round of private equity, mezzanine and non-reimbursable financing.


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Erik R.

Erik is a Serial Entrepreneur assisting founders, CEOs, Family Offices with Fundraising, Acquisitions and Strategic Planning. He has 30+ years experience working in fast moving environments creating challenging (sometimes disruptive) projects that all required necessary funding. Working exclusively on companies in the growth stage having their first revenues (>500k€), Eriks is leading a network of 500 experts in 18 countries who know how to position your project to increase success and access the necessary funding.

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Salim A.

Based in Paris, Salim is an experienced international sales professional and fundraiser who secured 4M€ series A funding for SaaS companies in France and got them accelerated at Google 1-year Startup Program, Pass French Tech, Hub Bpifrance, Paris & Co, and Startin’Post. He has also raised seed funding of 250K€ from several business angels based in Europe and Singapore.

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Alexandra A.

Based in Paris, Alexandra worked for an assets management company that acts on behalf of over 585 investors, including public and private pension plans, insurance companies, endowments and foundations worldwide. She was responsible for producing financial documents and ad-hoc requests for $700 million accounts and monitoring and reporting on the performance of $7.3 billion portfolios.

North America


Enrique V.

Enrique’s fundraising focus is on AI, IoT, Robotics but with experience in other industries like consumer goods, construction, food and beverages, entertainment and hospitality. Based in Chicago, he has helped major companies like Global African Foods, get funded through the sale of Private Equity to both individual Investors and Venture Capital and Private Equity funds.


Pete V.

Pete has been a registered attorney and investment adviser in patent law and financial services for nearly twenty years. He has worked between Amsterdam, London and San Francisco for VC backed series A SaaS FinTech, helping founders make better financial decisions involving their companies’ stock options from offer to IPO.

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Christopher W.

Christopher has been working for a Global Securities Lenders of Stock Loans for the last 12 years. He also collaborates with an international M&A investment banking firm with offices in the USA, Asia, and Europe. He assists clients by providing financial support or lending money to public companies or individuals at low rates against publicly traded securities (stocks).


Khader O.

Khader is an Merger & Acquisition advisor who leads AliDigitalBroker, a financial advisory firm based out of Montreal, Canada with a focus on digital companies. He provides services internationally and works to connect investors (or buyers) and sellers for the purchase and mergers of established tech companies, online businesses, app businesses and unique start-up companies. His network of investors is interested in asset sale, stock sale, mergers and investment in the technology/web industry.

UK & Ireland


Lisa W.

Lisa works with start-ups right through to established private companies looking for expansion or acquisition capital. Lisa has clients raising anything from 50.000 € to 1M€. This year Lisa has onboarded clients raising 20 M€ in equity in total. Most of Lisa’s clients are based in the North West of England but she deals with Angels, VCs and Fund Managers from all around the UK. Lisa is also a financial writer and used to have a column in AltFi appraising investment pitches for investors.


Michael W.

Michael has worked with hundreds of companies from Brewdog and Monzo through to concept and beta stage companies starting out to help them prepare to raise equity investment. Michael has raised over 400 million € for 850+ start-ups across the UK, Europe and the US. As the former Head of Equity Investment at Crowdcube, he has personally managed private, crowd, VC and angel stakeholder investors and been responsible for over 400 million € investment in the Europe and the US. 


Joe E.

Joe has worked in private equity for 20 years. He has worked with several businesses to raise equity in the UK. He has currently closed a  5 million € investment with a UK VCT fund and has previously secured offers from a large UK based EIS fund.


Adrian S.

Adrian has more than 10 years experience in working with startups to advise them on their investment readiness and sourcing funding. Adrian has a rich network of investors (over 1000 VC groups and 2900 angels investing in the UK). He has worked on projects in France, Portugal, Dubai/Saudi Arabia, US, China and Finland.


Jamie B.

Jamie provides full spectrum of advisory services engaging with entrepreneurs, family owned and private equity backed businesses. Consultancy activities include identifying strategic key buyers, negotiating and generating competitive buyer tension, project management and final deal execution.


Alexander S.

Alexander has built three startups as a founder. In recent years he has raised over 400.000 € from European, US and Middle East private investors, including Techstars, Deutsche Telekom, Liberty Global, Turn8. He has a good connection with many UK-based VCs and knows about various financial support programs within the UK.