Private Investments

Is your startup ready for private investments?

Pre-Seed/Seed Investments

We help you connect with investors and raise pre-seed and seed capital from business angels, family offices, and high net worth individuals.

Series A+ Investments

We help you connect with investors and raise series A+ capital from VC and private equity funds, corporate funding, and impact funds.

Pitch Deck Services

We help you write your deck so you can approach investors with more powerful arguments and better material.

Is your startup ready for private investments?

Pre-Seed/Seed Investments

We help you connect with investors and raise pre-seed and seed capital from business angels, family offices, and high net worth individuals.

Series A+ Investments

We help you connect with investors and raise series A+ capital from VC and private equity funds, corporate funding, and impact funds.

Pitch Deck Services

We help you write your deck so you can approach investors with more powerful arguments and better material.

Is your startup ready for private investments?

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400+ Satisfied clients.

Ulla Koivula

Chairman of the Board at Podit Oy
Innovation Manager helped us in getting private funding by accessing additional angel investors in the Nordics. The collaboration was fast, efficient and smooth.

Eric Puro

CEO at Kääpä Biotech Oy

Innovation Manager connected us with experienced individuals all over the EU who supported our recent 600k raise. I can’t recommend their services enough, quick and professional.

We help you build your financing round

Through Innovation Manager you can get more investor meetings and raise the capital you need faster! 

Here is how we do it:

  1. Investment Material Preparation: We develop compelling material, such as pitch decks, one-pagers, financial models, demo videos and advice you on your dataroom. 
  2. Pre-Seed / Seed Stage: We send out bi-weekly investors’ campaigns to selected contacts and our database of ~10,000+ vetted business angels, family offices, high-net-worth individuals and early-stage VCs in the whole Nordics, Baltics, UK and Central Europe. 
  3. Series A+ Stage: We get in touch with our own selected contacts among early-stage VCs all across Europe.
  4. Reporting: We collect investors’ feedback and arrange meetings for you. We send you a detailed report with recommendations and give you a list of leads. 

You will pay us only a success fee, as a percentage of all final funds secured for you – no equity nor retainer fees.

Our dealflow includes 45+ high-tech startups and scaleups with a ticket size between €50k – €1.5M (Pre-Seed/Seed) or €1.5M+ (Series A). 

Some of our successful fundraises

We provide a personalised approach to private equity fundraising, where you can access the most relevant investors truly targeted to your raise.
Our Team Members

Our Fundraisers

Our fundraisers have diverse backgrounds in the financial services industry, expertise in high-tech sectors and a portfolio of high-level contacts with private investors (seed, series A+). They handle the entire due diligence and fundraising process from the initial assessment of the business, financial modelling, analysing the capital needs, writing the investor deck, identifying the correct investor group, connecting and negotiating with investors, closing the deal and managing the post investment.

Heikki S.

Heikki has a history of 35 years in management of companies in the fields of electronics and ICT, business strategy development and financing. In 2003-2015 Heikki was a VC Investment Director in the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. Heikki has invested in 11 enterprises with Sitra and 4 with his own funds as a member of the Finnish Business Angel Network. Heikki is presently active in the Finnish and European Business Angel Network and has worked as a board member for 18 companies.

Tuomas T.

Tuomas has been assisting all types of organizations throughout the Europa and Asia to secure successful sales growth and investments. Tuomas has extensive experience in Euroclear procedure and in company listing to the Finnish stock market. Tuomas has strong expertise of strategy creation and implementation process in business.

Riikka M.

Riikka is a funding advisor and pitch deck coach based in Finland, supporting local early-stage companies in all sectors with private and public funding. She has a background in import, event management and hospitality across Finland and Asia. She is also an expert in strategy work, with a Master’s degree from Aalto University in process.

Jouni S.

Jouni has a wide financial service experience of 20+ years covering C-roles and board level. For the past five years, he has worked on private equity and growth capital investments including loan/debt (installment, credit line), equity (simple ownership changes and also the issuance of various share series with variable voting rights), convertible notes (bonds, hybrid bonds etc.), funds and factoring. He has been involved in transactions up to several million euro and in some areas over 100 million euro. In some cases he has made personal investments per project of 100,000+ euro. Jouni has investor contacts worldwide, but mostly from Northern Europe.

Elia E.

Elia started his career at a fintech startup that raised 9 million euro series A. He was, among other things, in charge of investor relations. The company was acquired in 2017. Since then he has raised funds both for his own company as a founder and on clients’ behalf as a consultant. His main expertise lies within fintech and he has extensive understanding of Southeast Asian markets, especially Indonesia. His investors’ network is international, and his niche is that, on top of Finnish and European actors, he has connections in the Australian private equity circles.

Erik J.

Erik has a background as an entrepreneur from several different industries. He has a solid experience in working with startups in areas like finance, budget work, business modeling, and investments. He is currently working as a business developer at one of Sweden’s most prominent startup incubators. Erik also works as a business developer for a Swedish municipality and runs a startup program for companies in the area of Proptech and MAAS (mobility as a service).

Arnbjörn E.

Based out of Munich, Arnbjörn is a business consultant and CEO of a niche consultancy specialized in business development and fundraising. He has more than 12 years’ experience in supporting startups and fast growing companies with a focus on emerging technologies, the IT and SaaS industry as well as energy and fintech in countries like Germany, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland.

Frederic P.

As a former entrepreneur and senior consultant at Deloitte, Frederic now co-manages an investment fund that invests equity into startups and provides digital solutions to restaurants, hotels, independent retailers and related FMCG in the FoodTech and hospitality businesses. His focus is on scalable business models with recurring revenues, B2B platforms, RetailTech and FoodTech solutions.

Rüdiger S.

Based out of Berlin, Rüdiger is an economist at heart, having set-up 10+ businesses alone and with partners. He mainly focuses on serving clients with his investments boutique in solving complex business challenges. Financing is one of them. He combines consulting and entrepreneurial experience together with hands-on management. He supports his clients not only theoretically but also in practice, e.g. when it comes to writing investors’ memoranda, steering investor meetings or deal-making.

Kevin M.

Based out of Munich, Arnbjörn is a business consultant and CEO of a niche consultancy specialized in business development and fundraising. He has more than 12 years’ experience in supporting startups and fast growing companies with a focus on emerging technologies, the IT and SaaS industry as well as energy and fintech in countries like Germany, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland.

Francisco F.

Francisco has more than 18 years international experience in fundraising in the insurance, financial services, e-commerce and digital sectors. Francisco has extensive experience in developing business plans and identifying funding opportunities for growth and expansion into new markets on behalf of insurance and banking industry clients.

Letitia P.

Letitia is a startup lawyer and investment advisor with 10+ years of legal and VC experience. Her expertise is in leading or co-leading fundraising activities for pre-seed, seed and Series A startups. She managed successful fundraising of rounds ranging between €300k to €2M in digital media, real estate and healthcare industries for Spanish, UK and CH ventures.

Marco T.

Marco is a mentor and coach for small businesses to raise funding and monetise their ideas. In the last 15 years he has assisted founders all across Europe to identify private funding opportunities and get guidance on securing them. As a former public affairs manager for platforms like Uber, Airbnb, and Ebay, Marco is specialised on raising early-stage investments in entrepreneurs who are building tomorrow’s marketplaces, network effects and the technologies that enable them.

Marcell K.

As a former start-upper Marcell raised €1,5m to his venture, from Angels,VC in the EU and US – in multiple rounds – also completed a crowdfunding campaign and won an EU-grant during this time. Since 2018, he is a professional fundraiser involved in multiple deals, in various sectors including mobility, IoT, ed-tech, fintech and others. He is also active in the fundraising ecosystem in EU and non-EU countries.

Lucas B.

During his career Lucas has gained experience in supporting the growth of start-ups and with financial companies (Asset Manager and Venture Capital). He has fundraised for small businesses using cutting-edge technologies such as the Blockchain, IoT, SaaS and CleanTech. He has large experience in data analysis, financial modelling, marketing and business development. He has worked for companies from Asia, the United States and Europe.

Alessia H.

With a background in the financial services industry in London and a portfolio of high-level contacts among investors worldwide, Alessia helps a wide range of client startups manage the process of raising the capital they need, from the initial assessment capital requirements, writing the investor deck, contacting investors, negotiating the deal, and managing the post investment process. She is also experienced in grant writing and securing national subsidies in a variety of sectors.

Jon C.

Hong Kong
Based in Honk Kong, Jon had work closely with investment teams to raise private equity and fixed income funds from various asset management companies in China, also on behalf of European customers. He has also led grant funding applications, preparation of roadshows and marketing presentations for startups both in China and South East Asia.

Naresh T.

Naresh is a private investments consultant with experience of more than 3 decades in risk analysis, air transportation, tourism, and insurance, helping companies from Denmark, Norway and Western Europe to raise funding from corporations in India. He is associated with a number of incubators including Faster Capital, an accelerator for startups, as one of its regional partners in India since September 2016. Naresh has also executed investment promotion strategies for a State Government in India.

Harsh D.

Harsh is a Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor and Fundraiser with 7 years of corporate experience in Media & Advertising and 5 years of entrepreneurial experience in Food, Retail, and IT startups. He shortlists potential investment targets among startups and forwards them to his funding team. Once the team clears the due diligence and checks the financial model, he approaches a set of investors who get a qualified and curated leads. Harsh has worked with major brands including Star TV, NEWS Corp, 20th Century Fox, Cadburys, Axis Bank, Jet Airways and more.

Mark S.

Based in Melbourne Australia, Mark is a driven and passionate fundraiser with a record of success at a B2B Software-as-a-Service startup that streamlines a fund managers’ back-office work, and where he helped to raise $2.25M. His experience includes raising seed and series A capital, business strategy, developing the marketing material, developing a prospect database with the sales team, project management, and engaging key stakeholders. He is an active member of an investors organisation, an angel investor network in Australia, and a mentor at Startupbootcamp Australia.

Adrià V.

Based out of Manila, Philippines, Adrià supports corporate-startup engagement and fundraising. Previously, he was part of a team that put up an innovation hub in the Philippines helping startups fundraise successfully in South-East Asia. He contributed to more than $3M in funding/revenue/savings for the 300 startups he was giving support to. He currently advises a Philippine startup and help international startups enter the Southeast Asian market.

Joaquin S.

Joaquin is an independent financial adviser, providing investment advisory services, credit and loans assistance in global markets. He has over 10 years’ experience in investment banking, and in the real estate industry, enabling startups and established companies to increase business, sales, revenues and value. He is also a broker for different financial institutions in Latin America. His skills range from pitch decks drafting, financial modelling, assets and portfolio management, raising funds, and crowdfunding.

Ingrid N.

Ingrid supports investors assessing impact investment opportunities, with her experience in forestry, consulting, investment advisory and entrepreneurship. She has been working with different companies, managing several types of projects, performing due diligence, asset valuation, investment plans. The projects vary from food security to structuring a real estate investment fund. Ingrid has a good network of investors in the US, Europe, UK and the Nordic countries, including pension funds, insurance companies, development banks, investment banks, asset management and financial services companies.

Erik R.

Erik is a Serial Entrepreneur assisting founders, CEOs, Family Offices with Fundraising, Acquisitions and Strategic Planning. He has 30+ years experience working in fast moving environments creating challenging (sometimes disruptive) projects that all required necessary funding. Working exclusively on companies in the growth stage having their first revenues (>500k€), Eriks is leading a network of 500 experts in 18 countries who know how to position your project to increase success and access the necessary funding.

Saimon S.

Based out of Paris, Saimon is a Venture Capital Analyst who worked for Dojo VC, the first private startup accelerator in France, and was co-founder of StartupMakers, an open innovation consortium launched in 2018 with HSBC and XEROX, which gathers 400 business angels and 500 selected startups. Saimon is skilled in performing due diligence, developing financial models and sourcing new investment opportunities for startups above all in the aerospace and defense sectors.

Frédéric G.

United States
Based out of Toulouse, Frédéric has worked for 15 years as a fundraiser, on M&A transactions and internationalization. As a business and growth enabler, he mentors founders to successfully raise funds as well as achieve growth by facilitating access to corporates. He is skilled in reviewing and improving business models and strategy, business plans and preparing startups to reach their goals.

Thomas B.

United States
After holding C-Suite positions for multiple companies in the DC area, Tom made the shift to consulting and fundraising. He spent the last 10 years advising start-ups. Working with them from ideation to launch and post revenue generation. In addition to aiding founders with their business plans, pitch decks, strategic planning, and financial modeling, he spent the last few years actively fundraising for a select few. His network of over 7,000 investors is global even though he has primarily raised funds in the US. He also has investor groups he can reach out to in South America, Africa, and Europe.

Suhail H.

Based out of Toronto, Suhail has extensive experience building financial models, investor presentations, data rooms, investor lists and raising capital from institutional and high net worth investors. He has worked for over 10 years at investment teams for some of the largest banks, PE and hedge funds in Canada and recently built an entire package for the Series A raise of a US based fintech that successfully raised over $10M.

Camilo E.

Based between Mexico City and Dallas, Texas, Camilo is a Financial Advisor and a certified Investment Broker for deep-tech startups. He has a high-level portfolio of contacts among Venture Capital, Private Equity and Angel Investors in Mexico, USA and Canada. His area of expertise is SaaS and Fintech and he has raised capital between U$500,000 to U$3M on behalf of North American, European and Latin American startups.

Kim T.

United Kingdom
Kim is Founder of Growth Division, a Growth Agency based in the UK. The agency has grown extremely rapidly with over 50+ clients since the past year attracting start-ups backed by the best investors such as Seedcamp, Index Ventures, Kima Ventures and b2b service agencies that are looking to acquire more clients. Prior to this, Kim worked as Venture Partner for the Mercantile Group, a single family office based in the UK. He has an extensive network in the VC and family office space in the UK.

Amit K.

United Kingdom
Amit is a London based Management Consultant with an MBA, over 18 years of fundraising experience with multi-billion dollar organisations and startups across technology and business innovation. He has supported entrepreneurs with every aspect of their business including concept and product development, investor presentations, fundraising and relationship development, operational and financial efficiency, and exits.

Ravi M.

United Kingdom
Ravi has 11 years of investment banking and capital raising experience across UK, Europe and US including growth equity, pre-IPO equity, structured debt/mezz, convertible bonds and senior investment grade. Strong and deep relationships with family office, HNW, VC, PE pockets of demand and strategic buyers. Origination, structuring and syndication of 150+ deals across various industries including TMT, Healthcare, Consumer/Retail, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Industrials.

Ottavio C.

Ottavio has 20+ years combined experience in Private Equity and General Management with a sound understanding of Value Investing, Financial Modeling, and Private Equity for SMEs. He has been working for years in the private equity sector, and as a managing director of investment and asset management companies (in which fundraising ad dealing with investors was a day-by-day business). He has a wide professional network of contacts among asset managers, family offices, and high net worth individuals.

Josh K.

Josh is a medical doctor by training and serves as healthcare advisor in several investment funds. As a founding member at Horizon Discovery, he was responsible for building the diagnostic and bioproduction business leading to IPO on the London Stock Exchange in 2013. He has invested in and mentored several companies including Geospock and Polaroo. He has raised over €5M in seed funding and has cultivated an extensive network of angels, family offices and venture funds in the DACH region.

Thijs P.

Thijs worked in the VC industry for over a decade and leads a team of 5 investment analysts with consulting and private equity backgrounds. In London when he was working for Holtzbrinck (one of the largest German VC funds) he founded and organised the VC-Circle events with over 200 PE and VC investment managers from the leading funds. He now manages HI Capital and runs advisory services with Deloitte in Zurich, providing scale up services to startups.

Anna-Larissa S.

Anna-Larisa is an Experienced Investment Fundraiser with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. She is skilled in Negotiation, Sales, Hospitality Industry, Real Estate and Finance. She leads her own independent placement agency and freelance investor relations advisor for private equity funds, hedge funds and real estate funds for institutional investors, partly on behalf of clients such as Valery Capital BV and MG Investments BV in the Netherlands.

Winston N.

Winston is an international funding consultant with 12 years’ experience at various public institutions and start-up accelerators. From 2014 through 2019, he held a position at a prominent European sustainable energy accelerator where he helped raise eight-figure-funds annually. His expertise is identifying opportunities, reviewing and improving pitches and applications, leading funding rounds, and improve operational efficiency and investor relations.

Maksymilian H.

Based in Poland, Maksymilian has been involved in buy-side projects in IT industry looking for and selecting startup opportunities for corporate customers. Among other, his experience involved buy-side advisory to a leading Korean office software developer – 5000 companies screening with three targets chosen by the client and one being at the negotiation stage and a Nordic office software developer – CEE region screening for accounting software providers with one target being already at the negotiation stage and more to be approached.

Marek R.

Marek has over 7 years of experience in the field of investments for high tech companies as a VC manager and analyst. He is specialised in life science, chemistry, robotics and Industry 4.0. and has managed the investment processes for over 20 startups, helping them with fundraising, both in next round investors and via IPO. Marek has a good professional network of VC funds in Poland, the Netherlands, Israeli, Switzerland and Luxembourg. He can also support startups with investment presentations, one-pagers, business models, financial prognosis etc., knowing profoundly investors’ requirements and points of interest.

John A.

Based out of Athens and London, John is an experienced entrepreneur who knows well the startup and investor ecosystem. Since 2014, he has raised capital and sold two SaaS companies in the Food and Beverage Sector and in B2B. Currently his my main activities are B2B Business Development, Fund Raising, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies consulting. He can deliver results as for connecting his clients with investors and be also a key advisor on Business Strategy matters.

Primadi S.

Primadi worked for leading global companies such as Jardine Matheson and Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) in Indonesia before crossing over to the Market Access and Investment Advisory sector where he eventually started becoming a strategic partner for Business Finland, Swiss Global Enterprise, Catalonia Trade and Investment and Basque Trade Investment among many others. For more than 2 decades he has focused on helping mainly European and Asian clients to access markets in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Jesse P.

Jesse has over 10 years of investment experience working across private markets in both Hong Kong and Seoul. He worked for the HQ Capital private equity platform, a German alternative investment manager with US$11 billion AUM across private equity, secondaries, and co-investment strategies. He managed and developed more than 120 active GP managers in Asian countries, including China, Korea, Japan, India, and Southeast Asia.

Meir A.

Meir is a strategic advisor to VCs, PEs, and financial organizations, investing in various impact and advanced tech industries. He brings hands-on experience in business development and as a funds finder – matching startups with investors, in line with specific investment criteria. He has experience in screening investment opportunities, financial valuations and due-diligence.

Ahmed H.

Ahmed is a Finance Consultant with expertise in early-stage companies from industries like finance, biotech, agribusiness, and energy. Being an investments professional for the past 13 years has provided him with the know-how to attract the right investor for each of his clients. He has helped companies close over $100M investments and generated media coverage for 100+ brands. He has investor contacts all over Africa including VCs, Angel Groups, and Family Offices.

Roy W.

Japan / United States
Roy’s background is in investment banking and specifically M&A, and with the Big 4 Consulting firms. In his career, Roy has connected dozens of mega-billion, cross-border deals between investors and early-stage firms looking to raise funds. He has an extensive network of angel investors and seed stage VCs in the Bay area, and has served as either a Venture Partner or a minority investor (LP) with a few funds. As an entrepreneur himself, Roy has successfully exited an international startup and he’s also founded an NPO.

Enrique V.

United States
Enrique’s fundraising focus is on AI, IoT, Robotics but with experience in other industries like consumer goods, construction, food and beverages, entertainment and hospitality. Based in Chicago, he has helped major companies like Global African Foods, get funded through the sale of Private Equity to both individual Investors and Venture Capital and Private Equity funds.

Selim A.


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