Reference Case 1: EIT RawMaterials

Reference Case 1: EIT RawMaterials

MetalCirc: technology to neutralize waste ash and recover valuable materials for reuse


Finnish innovator MetalCirc Oy has received a funding boost to produce an innovative material for antimicrobic, including anti-coronavirus, applications in surface coatings. The coating contains catalytic active metal oxide nanoparticles which have been proven effective against pathogens.

User Needs and Benefits

MetalCirc technology is a circular economy solution to recycle valuable metals obtained from waste and produce materials from the remaining material. The result is valuable and reusable materials and no more hazardous waste. MetalCirc technology has tremendous environmental value because the metals reused from the waste ashes reduce the need to mine from ore.

The technology represents a cost-effective, safe, and sustainable way to effectively destroy viruses (Sars-Cov-2 pathogens) and bacteria from large surfaces.

Project Goals and Results

The overall objectives of the project are:

  1. Boost technology development: Increasing the TRL to 7 (from TRL 6)
  2. Boost the development of solutions for new market opportunity in antiviral coatings
  3. Demonstrate coatings for two applications and carrying out SARS-CoV-2-capability testing
  4. Boost the business development to CRL 6 (from CRL 4)

Key Figures

  • The total budget is 198.000 €
  • The grant is 200.000 €
  • The schedule is 2020 – 2021 (6 months)