Reference Case 2: EIT RawMaterials

Reference Case 2: EIT RawMaterials

Tracegrow: Development of new trace nutrient products


Finnish innovator Tracegrow Oy has received a funding boost to provide new micronutrient fertilizers made from suitable trace nutrients recycled from industrial wastestreams and to develop a recovery process for their reuse.

User Needs and Benefits

Tracegrow ecologically extracts zinc and manganese from black mass. The recycled and purified trace elements are safely recycled as ZM-Grow liquid micronutrient fertilizer, enabling higher crop yields.

Tracegrow fertilizer offers farmers a cost-efficient, ecological micronutrient that boosts yields, plant nutrition value, and profitability. It outperformed ‘market leader’ fertilizers in field tests in 7 countries.

The benefits are the recycling recovery rates of 90% to 99% for zinc, manganese, iron and potassium and significant reduction of CO2 emission because the process operates at a temperature of less than 100°C, compared to more than 1300° required by conventional smelting process.

Project Goals and Results

The overall objective of the project is to expand the fertilizer product portfolio and establish clear differential advantages for its fertilizer.

The following tasks will be performed during the project:

  1. Material flow R&D
  2. Chemical process development to raise recycling rate
  3. Validation and certification of new micronutrient fertilizers

Key Figures

  • The total budget is 212.000 €
  • The grant is 200.000 €
  • The schedule is 2020 – 2021 (6 months)