Reference case – Blue economy window

Reference case – Blue economy window


Finnish innovator AW-Energy Oy has received a funding boost to scale up the WaveFarm WaveRoller technology from stand-alone units to large wave farms generating 5-10 MW. WaveRoller is the world’s first certified and demonstrated commercial-scale wave energy converter unit. WaveFarm will be the first wave energy generation solution for large-scale energy production.

User Needs and Benefits

AW-Energy has developed, certified and demonstrated the WaveRoller, a wave energy conversion technology that can be scaled-up for multiple-MW wave farms. The WaveRoller is a device which is submerged to the sea bottom in a nearshore location, with a vertical panel that captures the movement of the waves, converting this energy into electrical power and transmitting it to onshore electricity grids.

Project Goals and Results

This project will prepare AW-Energy to deliver the world’s first large-scale WaveFarms. Two public energy companies in Sri Lanka and Indonesia stand ready as customers for pilot developments. These pilots will serve as models for additional WaveFarms with up to 500 MW capacity. The deployment process will become the blueprint for WaveFarm installations globally.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  1. Ensure the market readiness of WaveRoller WaveFarm technology by preparing an industrial process to deliver 5-10 MW WaveFarms.
  2. Facilitate the market uptake of wave energy by developing a scalable business and service model for WaveRoller WaveFarms.

Key Figures

  • The total budget is € 3.8M 
  • The grant is € 2.5M 
  • The schedule 2020 – 2023