Reference Case: Erasmus+

Reference Case: Erasmus+

EUYOUTH4HEALTH: Engaging European youth in promoting health prevention

Project Description

Coordinated by Avempace asbl, EUYOUTH4HEALTH aims to improve, enhance and enrich the training programmes that VET institutes and educators developed in the field of health promotion. By creating an innovative programme addressing unemployed people aged between 23 and 30 and targeting digital communication and marketing and development of partnerships with SMEs and public agencies working in the field of health prevention, the project will allow VET providers to transfer significant and relevant skills to the final beneficiaries (i.e., unemployed people) of their activities.

Project Objectives

The project wants to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Pave the way for a better integration of groups of unemployed people (aged between 23 and 30) in the today job market, by working together on a definition and validation of a CV addressing skills gap in digital communication and marketing strategies for health prevention.
  2. Increase and update knowledge of groups of unemployed people by providing them with a new set of skills very useful for the today job market, particularly in their cities and countries.
  3. Increase the interaction between VET providers, groups of unemployed people and SMEs and public agencies/companies working in the field of health prevention, by creating interaction occasions for them aimed to improve their practices and to communicate more and better with the wider public (i.e., citizens).



Key Figures

  • The total grant is 271.544 €
  • The schedule is 2019 – 2021