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The project aims to mainstream Logonet Oy’s Finnish Baby Aid Kit, improving the safety of childbirth and the basic care of newborn, in areas where conditions are challenging and medical care is limited.

User Need and Benefits

The concept not only helps health care professionals in developing countries, but it also pregnant women to commit for the care and systematic follow-up care, after they get the baby aid kit.

Reference Case: Logonet Oy

Project Goals and Results

Develop further Logonet Oy’s international baby aid kid business processes and an internationally appealing product offering. The project has the following tasks:

  • Study and develop a partnership network and an overall service and product offering
  • Develop an internationalization strategy
  • Mapping of international subcontractors

Key Figures

Budget: 66.668 €. Grant: 50.000 € (75 %)


12 months in 2019 – 2020