Tips for Successful Fundraising in CEE Countries

About this episode

In this episode of Fundraising Without Borders, we talk to Marek Romanowski, who is Investment Manager at a CVC fund from Poland. Marek has expertise with a broad range of high-tech startups in lifescience, new materials, industry automation and data processing.  He is also one of Innovation Manager fundraisers covering Central and Eastern Europe.

Marek shed light into the challenges and rewards of securing private investments in the CEE countries, above all in his native Poland. He shared valuable insights for all startups aiming to access CEE markets and raise growth capital in the region, how they should prepare to meet local investors and what they should take into account in the post-covid reality.

We closed by asking Marek what’s his best pieces of advice for founders wishing to raise private equity in the CEE Countries:

Put yourself in the role of an investor and do your due diligence like they would!

– Marek Romanowski

Do you have what it takes to fundraise in CEE Countries? 

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