Tips for Successful Fundraising in China

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About this episode

In this episode of Fundraising Without Borders we sit down with Jesse Park, Managing Partner at Trinity Partners Group Limited, which is a consulting firm for private equity and venture capital based in Hong Kong. Jesse is also one of Innovation Manager fundraisers covering the Chinese market. Jesse will tell us a bit of his own insights into the challenges and rewards of securing private investments in China.

He explains how foreign startups should prepare to enter the Chinese market. He continues by describing the characteristics which are essential for a business to be considered investment worthy by private equity fund managers in China. Further, he talks about the specific KPIs he is using to assess the investment material and the fundraising potential of companies that want to obtain growth capital and be successful in China.

We close by asking Jesse what’s his best piece of advice for founders wishing to get involved with venture capital and raise investments in China. 

If you know about your enemy and yourself, you can win as many as 100 times out of 100 battles.

– Jesse Park

Do you have what it takes to fundraise in China?

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