Tips for Successful Fundraising in South-East Asia

About this episode

In this episode of Fundraising Without Borders we talk to Adrià Villarroya Viñas, Director of Trailblazer Innovation, an enterprise growth engine based in Singapore that helps startups fundraise and expand into new markets. Adrià is also one of Innovation Manager fundraisers covering South-East Asia.

Adrià tells us how he prepares founders to increase lead generation, enter new markets and meet South-East Asian investors. He discusses the most common misconceptions or myths about pitching. He continues arguing why financial advisors are more needed now than ever to help startups navigate these uncertain times while raising investments.

We close by asking Adrià what’s his best piece of advice for founders wishing to pursue fundraising in South-East Asia.

Have a solid business model, show your traction and build trust.

– Adrià Villarroya Viñas

Do you have what it takes to fundraise in South-East Asia?

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