Tips for Successful Fundraising in the Netherlands

In this episode of Fundraising Without Borders, we talk to Winston van Niel, Owner at Win for Impact, an agency based in The Hague which is helping start-ups, accelerators and incubators run and improve their funding rounds, operations and investor relations. Winston is also one of Innovation Manager fundraisers covering The Netherlands and neighbouring countries. Winston will shed light into the challenges and rewards of securing private investments in The Netherlands.

Winston believes in the catalyst potential of finance to bring innovations to life and explains his 5 steps approach to assist entrepreneurs to access private investments in The Netherlands: people, product, process, purpose and patterns.

We close by asking Winston what’s his best pieces of advice for founders wishing to get involved with private equity and raise capital in The Netherlands:

“Fundraising is a people’s business, it’s more than just securing an investment. It’s also about relationships and a founder’s ability to cultivate these. As a fundraiser, I understand this reality and take it into account when supporting companies to connect with investors.”

Do you have what it takes to fundraise in The Netherlands? 

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