Toristy (#TravelTech) Seeking €200k (10% ROI)

With an increasingly positive outlook in travel and daily new leads coming in (one of which worth €50-100K / year) and a €2M pre-money valuation, Toristy is looking to raise €200K pre-seed funding from Nordic investors to validate its MVP, reach €3.6M revenues in the next 12 months, strengthen the team and kick start international sales. 

Toristy is a data driven platform and curated marketplace enabling companies to easily sell travel experiences. Toristy’s clients include the likes of Scandic Hotels Finland, MySantika Hotel Group (Indonesia) as well as destination marketing companies, travel agents and transport companies.

In a tours and travel activities market worth €254Bn (+11.7% CARG/Year), Toristy was founded in 2018 in Helsinki, Finland. Toristy is monetizing mainly through commission charged to B2B2C customers like small travel experience providers and travelers buying travel experiences. Revenue growth is projected at 10x annually, reaching €350M by 2030. Toristy core team of 5 combines 50+ years of commercial, TravelTech, and analytics expertise. 

Key USPs versus competitors are: purpose-built proprietary technology, cost effectiveness tied to data (charging small travel experience providers 15% as opposed to 25-35% of online travel agents), and personalized service offers by authentic and local suppliers as opposed to online travel agents. 

Toristy has already invested €300K of its own capital and raised €350K in private capital, loans and grants to develop its MVP, which means that, after this investment round is secured, Toristy is fully ready for international commercial uptake.

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We aim to close this pre-seed round by 31 July 2022, with 13 existing investors interested in this round. €20K is the minimum investment ticket size.

Get in touch with Marco Torregrossa to find out more.