Zebrain Seeking €800k Investments (€700k Committed)


Zebrain is the leading B2B coaching platform in the Nordics, bridging the gap between strategic corporate learning initiatives and measurable behavior shifts.

Traction and Ask

With a current ARR of €600k (35% YoY), €55k MRR in the current month and approx. 40 corporate customers such as Strawberry (former Choice Hotels), GSK, Westpay and RFSU with users spread in 6 different countries, Zebrain is now looking to raise €800k seed funding. The ideal investor would have expertise in EdTech, Learning & Development, Digital coaching, Change Management and/or SaaS. 

The investment is needed to:

  1. Validate Zebrain Learning-to-Action concept against Enterprise market.
  2. Close 6 Enterprise customers in 2024 and reach revenue of approx. €1,9M by Q4 2024.
  3. Take the company to positive EBITDA in Q1 2024 and positive cashflow in Q2/Q3 2024.

Market, Business Model, Financials and Team

Founded in 2020 in Stockholm, Zebrain is poised to capture a significant share of the global e-learning market worth $278Bn in 2023, projected to reach $462.6Bn in 2027, (13%+ CAGR/Year). 

Zebrain is monetizing through a SaaS/subscription model charged to B2B customers, primarily enterprise customers (+250 employees) across all sectors and geographies. Revenue growth is projected at minimum 2-3x YoY (breakeven in Q2/Q3 2024), reaching €1,9M in 2024 and €4-5M in 2025.

Zebrain team of 2 full-time co-founders, 1 part-time co-founder, 5 full-time employees, 50+ subcontracted coaches and advisors combines several decades of entrepreneurial, managerial, commercial, coaching, marketing, product and B2B SaaS expertise. 

Competitive Advantage

Key USPs versus competitors like CoachHub or BetterUp are: AI personal chemistry matching of highly certified coaches/clients, measurability of behavior shift, and the world’s most advanced AI chat coach – Emma. 

AI Coach Emma is unique due to its universal accessibility, advanced coaching methodology, cutting-edge technology, customizability, diverse coaching themes, and multi-language support, making it a strong choice for personalized coaching and an AI assistant to our certified coaches and clients.

Round Details

Convertible/Reverse loan with 10% interest rate and 20% discount on the next shares issue capped at €2,5M valuation. Other investors and the founders have already committed €700k. Zebrain aims to close this seed round by 31 January 2024. The minimum investment ticket size is €20k.

Get in Touch

Anna Bloth Karling, Founder & CEO, and the other founders are speaking with potential investors over the next few weeks and are keen to pitch, demo and open up their KPIs and financial plans in detail. 

Get in touch with us to request the full deck or Pick a Time for a Call with Anna Bloth Karling CEO of Zebrain