Reference case – Eurostars

Eurostars by EUREKA

Reference Case: Eurostars by EUREKA
Reference Case: Eurostars by EUREKA

Labmaster Lucia – Revolutionizing Blood Diagnostics with Rapid Accurate Low-Cost Point-of-Care Tests


Labmaster is a Finnish bio company that produces and sells immunoassay kits and diagnostic reagents. The Finnish company focusing on delivering innovative diagnostics tools for applications in routine clinical diagnostics and research. Labmaster develops and commercializes the next generation of versatile miniaturized detection tools based on its proprietary cathodic electrochemiluminescence-technology (LM-CECL).

Cathodic Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence (CECL) technology:

  • Scientifically proven track record
  • Ten patents and three pending patents
  • Highly sensitive time-resolved assays

User Needs and Benefits

The superiority of LM-CECL technology allows it to overcome the performance limitations of previous generations’ tests relating to sensitivity, accuracy, easy to use and cost efficiency.

Project Goals and Results

The goal of the Eurostars project is to productize and commercialize the Labmaster’s innovative technology.


  • Labmaster Ltd
  • Biometro Ltd 
  • The Catholic University of Korea

Key Figures

  • The total budget is 1.7 million €
  • The grant is 1.1 million €
  • The project schedule is 2017 – 2019.


Labmaster Ltd